What Is Injection Mould Labeling?

Injection mould labeling is one of the most vital process for plastic labeling, film labeling and even sometimes paper labeling. Being the most vital process of placing in-mould films into the mould, where pre-heated plastic is injected at high-pressure at the time of mould opens and the container is ready and decorated with the label, Inject Mould Labeling is the most vital manufacturing process to produce large volume products and labeling parts that are typically used in mass-production processes. You will get a broad range of labels that are designed for different production conditions to use in all plastic processing systems.

Not to mention the label importance – perfectly integrated into the container – mainly to keep the brilliance of print for life long. Depending on your requirement, you can get it done manually or automatically.

What Are the Advantages of Injection Mould Labeling?

There are a number of added benefits associated with Injection Mould Labeling. Some of the main advantages are given below:

  • It has capability of printing more colors (up to 14) at one time on a maximum width of 1000 mm
  • You will get amazing and highest standards of printing quality for impressive labels for promotional purposes.
  • It is the source of transparent substrates – with visual integration for label and container
  • You will get No-Label Look that is another added advantage
  • It is the vital labeling process for decoration of square and rectangular containers
  • It gives assurance of world-class labeling with perfection
  • No glue residues, no wrinkles, no blisters take place
  • It is affordable in price and counted as eco-friendly
  • It is easy to recycle as container and label are made from one and the same material
  • It comes with limited protection against duplication.