Understand the Process of Heat Transfer Label


Heat Transfer label or Hot Stamping, a process of simple and pollution-free dry printing process for color pigmentation or metallic layer, is the source of providing a seamless and classy No-Label look and at the same time as offering virtual 360 degree applications. It is the most vital process to transfer metallic layer or color pigment from a continuous spool of film to the product or object – that need proper decoration.

For an easy and hassle-free process of heat transfer label, high-grade heat transfer machine or hot stamping solutions are required at controlled heat and pressure level. No matter, which type of container or product in any size or shape you have, you will get precise labeling solutions with accuracy of label placement. Not to mention greater adhesion and durability, even in high moisture environments, heat transfer labels are fully recyclable devoid of eradicating them from the container.

We provide you with the right solutions in real time manner and ensure our HTL process is easy to squeeze and product resistant; while it is light fast and comes with a high degree of ink cloudiness.

Why Should You Look for Heat Transfer Label?

  • HTL is far better and advanced process – counted as affordable in comparison to other processes
  • You can get multi-colored pictures applied onto your products .
  • A broad range of color tone and foil layer is used – that meticulously match to make your products look trendy and lively .
  • HTL is water and scratch resistant and comes with limited protection against duplication.
  • No removal of printed matter from the bottle.
  • You will get the best photographic quality – enabling amazing look that is much more attractive and exquisite with a sharper text.
  • They are Eco-friendly and allowing obtaining a mono component container – totally recyclable.
  • It is simple and fast process that can easily be transferred through Heat Transfer Machine – mainly to increase product value..